Oxwich is a close relative of Cooper, one of our most popular vans. The vans have a similar layout and both sleep three, but Oxwich features a permanent toilet and shower room. Named after Oxwich bay in Gower, it’s a popular place for campers and one of our favourites!

Featuring a highly customisable design with tiled kitchen splash back, bright walls and copper accent doorhandles, Oxwich is a beautiful and proud member of the Studley Campers design family. This van is ready for touring some stunning scenery with panoramic windows down the passenger side, plus additional windows on the driver’s side that can be close off to form backrests for sitting up in bed.

Some of the convenience  features on this van include:

  • an underslung water and waste tank for easy access,
  • an advanced control panel for power and water systems,
  • LED lighting throughout,
  • and a diesel heater to keep you warm in the cooler seasons.

We’re always happy to discuss any personal design or feature requirements for our clients. The campervan featured in these images has a few optional extras fitted at the request of our customer, including a Fiamma roll-out awning and a bike rake on the rear doors suitable for two.